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The Role of Rugged Tablets in the Military’s Cyber Domain Security

Over the past ten years, cyber security has increased dramatically. It no longer is a job relegated to protecting large corporate networks, financial information, and email accounts. 

Nearly every industry in the world, including the military, has adopted cyber security measures. The basic role of the military is to provide security to every citizen and it cannot protect the citizens if it cannot protect itself. 

Consequently, the essential role of the rugged tablet in relation to cyber-security is to offer protection to communications and information systems in the military. There is more need to advance on resilience by the capabilities due to the increasing rise in interconnectedness. 

Built-in Security Measures 

Cybersecurity is a part of the Security operations area, which is primarily concerned with identifying and safeguarding sensitive and important business data inside of any organization. DT Research military rugged tablets are equipped with security features such as CAC Readers which allow authorized personnel to view information according to their level of access. This ensures an extra layer of security to those who are given access to data that is needed for making decisions on critical missions in the field or supplies on the base. 

Lock-down Features 

Wamee’s military-grade tablets are equipped with remote lock-down features that allow the system to be locked from a distance in case of loss or theft while in the field. An auto-disable feature is also available in times of emergencies where a tablet may have been recovered by non-authorized personnel or outsiders, allowing military data to be disabled and wiped in real-time so that no information can be recovered by outsiders. An instant media blackout can be activated when sensitive information is being transmitted that could be at risk of being breached. 


Military-grade tablets are made to be durable, dependable in the field, and equipped with the necessary security capabilities to ward off cyberattacks and the theft of crucial data. These ratings—IP65, MIL-STD-810G, and MIL-STD 46IF—can withstand hostile settings and severe weather. 

Written by our Technology Partner DT Research

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