Wamee’s rugged laptops, tablets and handheld devices are meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of modern defence requirements. Designed to be heavy-duty and to withstand the most extreme environments while still providing the latest technological advancements.

Wamee’s devices are tested and certified to meet military standards for strength, shock resistance, and durability, providing the necessary protection for troops in the field. With increased reliability and safety features, our rugged laptops, tablets and handheld devices are essential tools for a wide range of military operations.

The portability and ease of use of these devices make them particularly suited to the needs of military personnel, who often work in harsh and remote environments. The robust design ensures that they can withstand rough handling, dust, and extreme temperatures, providing a reliable platform for critical military applications.

Wamee’s rugged laptops, tablets and handheld devices offer the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and military-grade durability. Making them an indispensable tool for military personnel operating in extraordinary conditions. 

Command and Control

For today's military commanders, access to reliable and timely intelligence is essential for making mission-based decisions. Wamee Laptops, Tablets & Handheld devices are designed to provide this tactical edge.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is key in modern operations. Accessing and combining networks, servers, storage devices, and analysis/management software, commanders can collect analyze and share data worldwide.


Staying connected is essential to the success of any mission. Making tactical communications paramount in helping defend and relieve troops. To ensure secure communications, Wamee devices provide a link between field forces and the command post.


Logistics are the key to planning and executing tactical-level ground, sea, and air operations. In a crisis situation, assets used for logistics must be readily accessible for rapid deployment. Wamee Rugged Laptops & Tablets are reliable solutions to ensure smooth logistics in the field.

Use of Rugged Devices in Defence?

  • Cyber Security: Allows secure access using CAC readers for personnel to view restricted information to their level of access. There are multiple lock-down features allowing system lock from distance, auto disabling, and disabling/wiping the data in real-time so that no information can be recovered by the outsiders.
  • Command & Control: Rugged devices can be used to watch video from a UAV feed, sending coordinates & intelligence to other command units, and setting up SATCOM, etc. 
  • Situational Awareness: Perfect for coordinating & multitasking. Mapping, task sets, topography, reach back capabilities to the command center, maintenance, team management, etc. 
  • Warehouse Logistics and Inventory: Allows military fleet’s tracking and communications using built-in barcode, RFID, and CAC readers, GPS, Camera, and etc. 
  • Night Vision: Our devices are NVIS-compatible and have blackout keys which enable soldiers to communicate without worrying about seen by the keyboard’s illumination. 
  • High Capacity Hot-Swappable Battery Pack: Delivers 60 or 90 watts for up to 15 hours of continuous mobile communications. 
  • Low Cost of ownership: Durability and Long lifespan help to reduce the total cost of ownership. Our devices are built to withstand challenging environments and are less likely to break or need repairs, saving money on maintenance and replacement costs.  
  • Low Cost of Environmental Ownership: Our rugged devices fail less often and therefore are disposed of far less often. Choosing rugged handhelds for your team keeps more electronics out of landfills and reduces your organisation’s environmental impact.
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