The need for implementing rugged tablets and laptops is particularly evident in the Australian Public Safety sector, where the use of mobile technology has become increasingly important. Wamee’s possibilities for deploying durable devices with powerful computing capabilities are extensive and present a valuable market opportunity for agencies.

Frontline professionals in the Public Safety sector require: 

  • access to real-time data, 
  • the ability to remotely access reports, 
  • capture critical data accurately & quickly in the field, and 
  • maintain connectivity with mobile units and central command. 

Wamee’s rugged laptops, tablets and hendheld devices offer these features, while also being able to withstand the rigors of everyday use in the field.

With the ability to meet the demands of extreme environments, rugged tablets are essential tools for Public Safety personnel. These devices can help improve response times, enhance situational awareness, and streamline communication between different units, thereby improving overall operational effectiveness.

The need for the Public Safety sector is vast, with a wide range of possible applications that can significantly improve the performance of frontline services. Combining durability and computing power makes Wamee devices a compelling proposition for agencies seeking to improve their operational capabilities.


EMS teams use digital technology to enhance patient care and help them save lives. Wamee devices are designed to give patients comprehensive care and ensure a streamlined hand over to the emergency room upon arrival.

Fire & Rescue

Rugged devices are invaluable for in the field investigations, necessary photos, and connectivity to central command. Durability, dust and water resistance make Wamee's devices perfect for use in harsh conditions.


With Wamee's rugged, portable devices officers have fast reliable access to critical information, anywhere, anytime. From documenting accident scenes to checking licence plates, our devices keep officers connected and able to complete any task at hand.

Why Choose Wamee for Public Safety Rugged Devices?

  • Connectivity & Communications: Our rugged devices provide unprecedented degrees of communication, coordination, and efficiency, enhancing overall public safety. They are developed with the ability to establish strong connections with a range of networks, including Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, 5G and built-in GPS.  
  • Device Security: Our devices prioritize security and offer multiple measures to protect sensitive information, such as data encryption using TPM 2.0 and physical tampering protection options like fingerprint scanners and RFID readers. In crisis situations, instant media blackout or sanitization can be arranged. Our devices also have built-in lock-down features to defend against malicious attacks and can be locked or wiped if lost or stolen. Strong authentication methods like NIST and multi-factor authentication help prevent unauthorized access to devices and data.
  • Military Standard Devices: Our rugged devices are tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G) and must pass stringent requirements for ruggedness and the ability to withstand shocks, water, drops, dust, and moisture. Rugged technology also incorporates greater battery life, so devices can perform for longer periods without the risk of battery failure at critical moments. This provides emergency responders with reliable devices in times of crisis.  
  • High Capacity Hot-Swappable Battery Pack: Delivers 60 or 90 watts for up to 15 hours of continuous mobile computing. 
  • Low Cost of ownership: Durability and Long lifespan help to reduce the total cost of ownership. Our devices are built to withstand challenging environments and are less likely to break or need repairs, which can save money on maintenance and replacement costs.  
  • Low Cost of Environmental Ownership: Our rugged devices fail less often and therefore are disposed of far less often. Choosing rugged handhelds for your team keeps more electronics out of landfills and reduces your organisation’s environmental impact. 
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