In recent years, technology has transformed the mining industry in Australia, leading to significant changes in the ways we work. The days of paper reports are long gone, with many mining sites now relying on rugged devices such as Wamee’s tablets, handhelds, and laptops to record and analyse data.

The use of these rugged devices has proven to be a game-changer in the industry. Providing durable and reliable solutions that can withstand even the toughest conditions encountered during regular mining operations. They offer a level of durability and resilience that traditional consumer-grade devices simply cannot match, making them an ideal choice for use in mining environments.

By leveraging the power of Wamee rugged computing devices, mining operations can improve data collection and analysis, leading to better decision-making and increased efficiency. Wamee Rugged devices are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, and water, making them ideal for use in harsh mining environments where traditional devices are prone to failure.

Digital Twin

Perfect for Mining environments, the Wamee rugged devices will enhance your ability to perform mining tasks quickly and with accuracy.

Safety Inspections

Perfect for Mining environments, Wamee's rugged rablets will enhance your ability to perform mining tasks quickly and with accuracy.

Fleet Management

When it comes to fleet management, Wamee solutions provide the tools needed to keep your vehicle fleet operating safely and efficiently. With up-to-date information on preventative maintenance and real-time tracking of vehicles, our solutions help ensure timely, smooth shipments for long-haul and LTL drivers delivering goods to manufacturing, distribution, and retail centers.

Benefits of Rugged Devices for Mining

  • Environment Monitoring:  Assess the environment of a mining site to keep the information updated regularly in order to setup up alarms for different situations.
  • Asset and Maintenance Management:  Monitor the states and efficiencies of assets from anywhere on a site to improve quality and reduce the chances of failure during mining operations.
  • Transport & Logistics: Keep the 24/7 fleet connected at all times and use wireless to record and maintain ongoing logistics tasks.
  • Process & Production Management: Monitor or provide machine assistance during individual mining operations like digging, drilling, blasting, etc.
  • Operations Management: Whether on the mining site or at the headquarters rugged devices can be used to get up to date insights from all mining operations.
  • Range of Mounting Options: Our Rugged Tablets have several options mounting on Forklifts or in Vehicle, allowing for continuous chargeing and functionality.
  • Full Windows OS: Offer your users the security, familiarity and reliability of a Windows device. Making our devices easier to manage and use, with fater deployment times and smoother user experience.
  • Military Standard Devices: Our rugged devices are tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G) and must pass stringent requirements for ruggedness and the ability to withstand shocks, water, drops, dust, and moisture. Rugged technology also incorporates greater battery life, so devices can perform for longer periods without the risk of battery failure at critical moments. This provides emergency responders with reliable devices in times of crisis.  
  • High Capacity Hot-Swappable Battery Pack: Delivers 60 or 90 watts for up to 15 hours of continuous mobile computping. 
  • Low Cost of ownership: Durability and Long lifespan help to reduce the total cost of ownership. Our devices are built to withstand challenging environments and are less likely to break or need repairs, which can save money on maintenance and replacement costs.  
  • Low Cost of Environmental Ownership: Our rugged devices fail less often and therefore are disposed of far less often. Choosing rugged handhelds for your team keeps more electronics out of landfills and reduces your organisation’s environmental impact. 
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