Modern Slavery Statement

Wamee are committed to operating our business lawfully and ethically and in only working with suppliers that are aligned to our values. We expect our suppliers to operate in accordance with all applicable modern slavery laws including those prohibiting human slavery and slavery like practices, human trafficking and child labour. We value and observe all laws regarding corporate social responsibility, environmental and workplace safety protection and staff inclusion and diversity. We have a whistle-blower policy and an external hotline for staff and suppliers to use.

We continue to set clear expectations that Wamee employees and suppliers should be alert to possible involvement in modern slavery and should work to prevent and address it. We know that adopting high standards is not enough. Knowledge sharing, such as targeted training programmes for employees, and action, including mitigation measures where we see a risk of involvement, are vital to ensure our work stays relevant and effective. 

We have in place a number of relevant policies, procedures and standards to assist us in protecting the human rights of staff and contingent workers, including in relation to human trafficking and slavery. 

  • Particular steps we will undertake, include: Developing training for staff in modern slavery requirements
  • Reviewing supplier contracts to ensure they contain terms that are consistent with the Act
  • Taking steps to address any potential modern slavery risks identified and setting up a program to measure effectiveness through performance monitoring
  • We seek to make positive and sustainable economic, social and environmental contributions wherever we operate
  • Maintain a safe and inclusive working environment where we treat each other with respect
  • Communicate responsibly and use technology appropriately
  • We’re all individually accountable for complying with the Code, and we call things out which don’t seem right
  • We act with honesty and integrity and don’t make or receive improper payments, benefits or gains

Wamee takes breaches of its Code and Wamee policies seriously, investigates suspected failures to comply with the Code or Wamee policies that it becomes aware of, and takes a timely and proportionate approach to implementing disciplinary or remedial action. 

Wamee is committed to maintaining a safe workplace that values equal opportunity, is free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Wamee operates in a highly regulated environment and has robust policies and procedures concerning employment screening (including work eligibility checks), employment conditions and appropriate workplace behaviour. All staff are expected to abide by the spirit, as well as the strict requirements, of those policies and procedures outlined in the Wamee Code of Conduct. 

Information and Reporting

We build trust by communicating openly and honestly. We work with suppliers who provide information that is timely, accurate and relevant including:

  • Maintaining accurate financial and business records, including invoicing, in accordance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and accepted accounting practices. 
  • Reporting on economic, social and environmental performance to meet regulatory and contractual requirements. Ensuring the intellectual property rights of other parties (patents, trademarks, copyright, and confidential information) are respected. 

Labour and Human Rights

We support the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We work with suppliers who uphold fundamental human rights including:

  • Ensuring all work is freely chosen; without the use of forced or compulsory labour
  • Ensuring all workers are of local legal age; and preventing the use of illegal child labour
  •  Ensuring fair remuneration and work conditions for all workers Promoting humane treatment and preventing harassment and unfair discrimination
  • Respecting workers’ rights to lawfully and peacefully form or join trade unions of their choosing and to bargain collectively
  • Respecting the privacy of employees and customers and complying with all laws in the collection, use and protection of personal information 

Management Commitment 

Suppliers who work with Wamee share our commitment to the principles raised in this Supplier code of conduct by adopting and promoting the commitments in the code and encouraging their subcontractors to do the same. 


Shawn Wigham

Managing Director

Wamee Pty Ltd

Dated 20th July 2024

Wamee Modern Slavery Statement

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