How Rugged Tablets Enhance Security and Mission Readiness for the Military

To overcome any military threats, it is necessary to upgrade technology that is up-to-date with the latest in data breach prevention and CAC reader technology for on-base security. Using rugged tablets offers a new generation of convenience and advanced technology that can help in maintaining reliability and support to be a step ahead of adversities to overcome.

However, not all of the devices available on the market are suitable for such a demanding job and environment. Here are a few of the reasons why military-grade tablets are essential to accomplishing the militarys mission:

Rugged Tablets ensure an extra layer of security

Rugged tablets are equipped with lock-down features that allow the system to be locked from a distance in case of loss or theft. It has an instant media blackout that can be activated when sensitive information is being transmitted during a time of crisis or security is breached. An auto-disable function is also available in times of emergency, should the tablet need to be disabled if taken while operating in field missions. Military data is of high importance whether on base or in missions, therefore these features are crucial for military tech in order to be able to safely operate in many conditions. Military-grade tablets also come with built-in CAC readers that only allow personnel who meet specific login credentials to access information that fits their credentialed access level.

Rugged Tablets assist with skills training

Rugged tablets are sunlight-readable devices that allow outdoor viewing of training videos and modules which make it easier for military personnel to adapt to their skills training environments. The tablet has an expansive memory that enables software applications and video downloads, even when Wi-Fi isnt available. Long-distance training options with commanding officers can also be done easily with the use of rugged tablets through video shares.

Rugged Tablets adapt in military field

Military troops are stationed in challenging environments. Military-grade tablets are designed to withstand shocks, drops, dust, vibrations, dirt, water, and other contaminants. Each device is a high-performance technology system that ensures that personnel can deliver its mission and tasks efficiently and reliably. Status updates can be reported and locations can be determined and monitored with the GPS functionality built into each tablet. Real-time internal communication between field officers and military officers increases the safety of everyone and enables decision making on command based on the data received at the time.

Technology plays a major role in the advances of national security. Adapting to advanced technology gives the military a step ahead in determining how to protect the country. It also helps them formulate plans that are needed to be executed to maintain peace and order. The better the technology the soldier, airman, marine, or sailor has in the field the better their decision making and effectiveness. Military-grade tablets are an investment that continues to show up and invest back into teams and missions on a daily basis.

Written by our Technology Partner DT Research

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