Providing Your Team with The Right Tools for the Job

Part of ensuring teams are successful is making sure they have the right tool for the job. Wamee’s Rugged Tablets  are purpose-built tablets designed and manufactured for the job. 

Rugged Tablets

As a leading manufacturer of rugged tablets , we build reliable, durable fully integrated tablets making them ideal for use in the harshest environments, in bright sun, rain, extreme temperatures, and in vehicles where a mobile office is crucial to getting the job done. Each tablet has a 3D RealSense camera for scoping and surveying. Barcode and RFID scanners for inventorying, CAC Reader for additional security, and capacitive touch screens with sunlight dimmers so they can be used both day and night. 


Medical Tablets 

Healthcare professionals depend on medical cart computers and medical tablets in a hospital setting to treat patients with optimal care. Antimicrobial enclosures reduce the spread of bacteria and germs in the healthcare setting. Medical tablets offer unparalleled mobility for healthcare personnel to move from room to room with ease, with integrated CAC readers that offer additional security for credentialed logins to review or update patient data. 


Convertible Laptops

Built for tight spaces where a laptop is needed with a keyboard but also a tablet when performing a function in a tight space. The convertible laptop can quickly transform from laptop to tablet and back again, with most systems featuring a hinge design that allows for rotating the keyboard portion through 360 degrees, out of the way back behind the screen. 

Offering a wide range of screen sizes including  11.6in, 13.3in and 15.6in depending on the viewing needs. Each of our Laptops is rated IP65, MIL-STD-810G for durability and reliability. Our laptops need little maintenance unlike consumer-grade tablets and withstand harsh conditions for several years before replacement of the device needs to be reviewed.

We stand by our product and our customers, accepting feedback from customers to offer continual improvement. 

Written by our Technology Partner DT Research

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