Wamee AIO Medical Grade Cleaning Guide

Wamee AIO’s may be cleaned with most mild, non-abrasive solutions commonly used in the office or hospital environment.

We strongly recommended that you shut down and unplug the Computer before you start to clean any single component.

The antimicrobial enclosure of Wamee’s Medical Grade All-In-One Computer contains a silver-ion based product called Novaron™ (Silver Sodium Zirconium Phosphate). This antibacterial agent is added to the plastic resin during moulding. For more specific Novaron™ product information and effectiveness against certain organisms, please contact your Wamee representative. The most effective way to prevent loss of antimicrobial effect of the enclosure is to clean with a neutral detergent (Surfactant).

Cleaning the Anti-microbial Enclosure

  • To ensure antibacterial agent remains active, it is recommended that alcohol free and oxide free cleaning liquids are used.
  • Use a soft/non-abrasive cloth moistened with water to clean the enclosure.
  • If using a cleaner, an alcohol-free and oxide-free cleaning liquid is recommended. Ideally a neutral Surfactant detergent.
  • To prevent scratching the anti-microbial coating, please wipe the surface gently.

Avoid the Use of:

  • Paper towels
  • Dish towels
  • Facial Tissues

If a disinfectant clean is required after a known patient with a MDRO or other infective organism and the application of chemicals such as a Chlorine or Alcohol based product is required, this will over time, decrease the effectiveness of the anti-bacterial properties of the enclosure.

Cleaning the Screen

  • A screen cleaning solution that is alcohol-free and non-abrasive can be used to clean the touch screen.
  • Cleaning with a micro-fiber cloth is recommended.
  • Please spread the solution onto the cloth and then clean the touch screen. 
  • Use of incorrect cleaners can result in optical impairment of touch panel and/or damage to functionality.

Approved Chemicals for use on SCREEN only:

CidexAlcohol 70%
Isopropyl alcoholChloride 1000PPM*
Green tinctured soapIncidin plus
WindexIncidin liquid
Alcohol  Mikrozid liquid

*Chlor Clean to be used as per the manufacturer’s guidelines: “Chlor-Clean is a product which, when correctly diluted in water from the cold tap, produces a 1,000 ppm available chlorine solution with surfactant (cleaning) action. Chlor-Clean does not generally attack plastics, but it is known that some plastic materials are susceptible to chlorine products and may be discoloured. If in doubt, after surfaces have been disinfected for about 15 minutes the area should be washed off with clean fresh water and DRIED carefully afterwards.”

Make sure that the computer monitor is completely dry before powering it back on. This will minimise the risk of moisture damaging the internal components. Do not use blow dryers or any other heating mechanism to speed up the drying process. Let the drying occur by air.

Note: please contact your Wamee representative if you have any questions regarding a type of cleaning product that is not listed above.

Never use acidic or alkaline cleaners, or organic chemicals such as: paint thinner, acetone, toluene, xylene or kerosene. Damage caused by the use of unapproved substances or processes will not be covered by warranty.

Other Cleaning Considerations

  • Do not immerse or rinse the PC, tablet or its peripherals. If you accidentally spill liquid on the device, disconnect the unit from the power source. Contact your Biomed Department regarding the continued safety of the unit before placing it back in operation.
  • Do not spray cleaning agents directly onto the screen or chassis.
  • Do not use disinfectants that contain phenol.
  • Do not autoclave or clean the PC, tablet or its peripherals with strong aromatic, chlorinated, ketone, ether, or esther solvents, sharp tools or abrasives.
  • Never immerse electrical connectors in water or other liquids.

Wamee AIO Medical Grade Cleaning Guide

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